Chromatech 8" Swiss Klein Recycler by Illuminati Glass


Published: 10/19/2017

by Doug Mackar


Glass will never be the same. Illuminati Glass has introduced their proprietary Chromatech iridescent glass to the flame game and everyone’s scrambling to catch up. Fumed glass can’t hold a candle to the beautiful rainbow shine of this gorgeous, translucently vibrant glass. But don't let its beauty distract you! Illuminati Glass delivers a flawless pipe once again, forming a fiercely bubbly klein recycler that's sure to show you the way to enlightenment.


Featuring a showerhead perc in the lower chamber and a tripnotic series of recyclers, this psychedelic piece is perfect for dry herb or concentrate. I know it's a small thing (literally), but the bowl on this water pipe is one of the finest constructed bowl pieces you're going to find. It really is built to last, just like everything that Illuminati puts out into the world. The bowl is adorned with the Illuminati Glass text logo, and the neck of the pipe shows off the Illuminati crest.


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