Chocolope Strain Review


Published: 06/27/2013

by Hillside Hippie


Name of strain: Chocolope

Dispensary Name and Location: Chronorado Medical – Denver, CO.

Genetics/Lineage: Chocolate Thai x Cantaloupe Haze.

Appearance: These flowers are very dense and quite sticky.  They almost have a yellowish hone to them due to the overwhelming amount of trichome coverage.



Aroma:  Chocolope’s aroma is rather musky, with a slight hint of chocolate undertones (yes really). The initial fragrance is very earthy and the slight “chocolate musk” is brought on by a deep inhalation.

Taste on inhalation: The taste of Chocolope reminds me very much of original Thai, very earthy with a slightly sweet musk.


Taste on exhalation: The flavor is very similar to the inhale in that is very earthy, but it definitely lacks the hint of sweetness that I was hoping to taste upon exhaling.


Effects: The initial effects of Chocolope come on strong, with a very pleasant cerebral buzz.  After approximately fifteen minutes my focus returned and I was in a relaxed state of mind, but I was feeling quite creative.  The effects slowly tapered off after approximately one hour and I was left only feeling slightly tired, and surprisingly not very hungry.  

Duration: 1.0 – 2.0 hours, depending on tolerance and dose.


Medicinal Properties: Chocolope is known to ease the mind while not putting you on the couch.  The best way to describe the feeling is relaxed but not tired.  However, if you overdue it there is the chance that it will induce anxiety, as with many Sativa dominant strains.  


Overall: I would recommend Chocolope for creativity and for alleviation of stress and anxiety.  If you are looking for a wildly flavorful strain with pungent aromas then this strain is probably not for you.  The flavor is definitely unique and is best enjoyed in glass piece.  I give Chocolope a 6.5/10 mostly due to the fact that the medicine does not compare to other strains that are said to alleviate similar symptoms.  


Dispensary Location:

Chronorado Medical
6625 Leetsdale Dr. Denver, CO 80224
(303) 320-6339