Chernobyl Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 04/27/2013

by Kim Rodriguez


Chernobyl Strain Review

Name of Strain: Chernobyl (Rated in Top Ten Strains for High Times)

Genetics: Typically a mix of Jack the Ripper, Trainwreck and Trinity X, making it a powerful hybrid. Good substitute for coffee or an energy drink. Those who suffer from chronic pain can feel relieved and energized. Being Sativa dominant, you'll get the push you need while also relieving pain and not getting the “tired” side effects (during or after your high).

First Impressions: From the beginning this strain has always been one of my favorites because of the look and what it does to my senses. Chernobyl always gets my mouth watering. You can't see the actual bud, but instead a thick layer of white and many orange hairs. It's like a forest of trichomes; the best kind of bud is the frostiest bud.

Feel/Density: Like many I typically go for a denser bud and Chernobyl is just that. Underneath the trichs, you get the most perfect, sticky nug – the type where a grinder sure does come in handy! And the smaller nugs tend to feel heavier than normal.

Taste/Aroma: Easily a 4 out of 5 stars in this area. The flavor is mild and citrus-y; almost like a sweet limeade. The aroma is equally as pleasant. Neither are too overpowering, but sure to get you stoned to the bone.

Duration of the High: Depends on the smoker and their tolerance. Average would be about 2-3 hours. The THC level in Chernobyl is very high making it an extremely potent bud – so not recommended for any light weight users. It has a significant use for people who suffer from chronic pain, because of how powerful it really is.

Effects: Some people have reported to feeling slight pressure in the frontal lobe but after a while it tends to go away. Then again, it depends on the smoker. Others feel completely at ease and light. Rather than being couch-locked, you'll get that boost to get things done while feeling great too.

Medicinal Effects From a Personal View: This strain especially showed change in my mother, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and deals with chronic pain on a day to day basis. I was also relieved of pelvic pain I get throughout the days. It has also been good for people who suffer from severe arthritis, glaucoma, muscle spasms, anorexia, etc. Symptoms resulting from depression and anxiety have also been said to diminish. Not only is this strain good for pain, but it also acts as a mood stabilizer. You get the best of both worlds with this one!

Overall: View: Myself and other patients who have tried Chernobyl generally have really enjoyed using this strain and experiencing the effects it has to offer. It's long-lasting and powerful effects create an enjoyable high that won't necessarily make you crash later. It has become a continuuous purchase of mine and definitely a top 5 favorite strain so far.