Chem Dawg #4 Strain Review


Published: 10/13/2015

by JakeC



Chem Dawg #4, Lodo Wellness Center

Genetics: Cross of original Chemdawg

Appearance: Dark green nugs that are a signature of Chemdawg. A bit too fluffy with nodes that seemed to grow far apart which gave it a less dense quality that resembled broccoli.

Appearance under 100x microscope: The nugs were much lighter green than they first appeared. A medium level of kief that was light brown in color.

Aroma: The lemon scent is earthier than I prefer but was strong like I am accustomed to.

Taste on inhalation: A little bit more of a diesel flavor than other chem dawg varities. I think this made for a softer inhale utilizing a bitterness to cut the bold chemical flavor I was accustomed to.

Taste on exhalation: A bit harsh although it was less powerful than other Chemdawg strains I’ve sampled. The taste had a welcoming piney, characteristic.

Effects: A full body buzz that comes on quickly and carries an intense high. Very stoney and less euphoric than other chemdawg varieties I’ve tried. Could have been an elongated grow process that lead to this effect.

Medical Effects: Perfect pain reliever and relaxer. The body buzz allowed me to melt into the couch and actually lasted the duration I was expecting. The medicinal qualities of this strain are definitely on point. Even the budtender agreed that it was his most potent medical indica.

Duration: 3-4 hours. Intense at first, but much lighter as the high goes on.

Overall: I was influenced to try Lodo Wellness center on a whim and its prospects although minimal were more surprising than I expected. It’s hard to know the quality of a small medical shop like this, but it seemed like they knew what they were doing and definitely had reasonably priced product.  Their chemdawg was as I expect even though there some improvements to be made. Their chemdawg is a serviceable strain that provides relaxation at an average level.