Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Review


Published: 12/29/2015

by JakeC


Cannatonic Nugs

Cannatonic, Pink House Cherry

Genetics: Hybrid cross with MK Ultra x G13.  A high CBD strain, sometimes with 1 to 1 ratio THC to CBD.

Appearance: Very tight, frosty nugs that are light green and covered in dark red hairs. The nuggets have the perfect combination of airiness and density that allow for an easy and perfectly smokeable bowl-pack.

Appearance under 100x microscope: Very fluffy and light green with an almost amber hue covering the plant material.

Aroma: Quite earthy and a mild punginess.

Taste on inhalation: A strong earthiness that was cut by a mild pine flavor.

Taste of exhalation: Much more piney on the exhale. Also had a slight floral quality that made it taste like Pinesol. It was however a pleasant taste that wasn’t harsh.

Effects: It took a few hits but soon I was feeling a mild body buzz throughout and a pleasant tingling in my eyes. This one is definitely a creeper. I could feel the MK Ultra cross as my eyes began to tingle more and more and I soon felt an almost disorienting relaxation. More pain-relief than a stoney feeling however.

Medical Effects: This strain provides intense body pain relief and a great body buzz. What really takes it to the next level is the CBD factor that adds an extra kick of pain relief and relaxation that can’t be matched by even most indicas.

Duration: Long-lasting from the CBD at 6-8 hours

Overall: Sometimes you can’t trust a strain at a dispensary that looks amazing. The classic “looks great, smoke bad” adage has been repeated to me over and over again and could be applied to this strain if it weren’t for the very satisfying high that cannatonic provided. Highly recommended for someone who’s looking for a strain that provides intense pain relief and a mild stoniness for relaxation.