Bubble Yum Strain Review


Published: 04/03/2015

by iRiE n8


Bubble Yum Nugs

Strain- Bubble Yum

Genetics- Strawberry X Bubble Gum, indica sativa hybrid

Availability- BeeHive Concentrates- B.H.C

Smell- Just open a pack of the original bubble yum and that’s what it smells like. Intense aroma that makes you want to eat the medicine and chew on it. It really has a bubble gum smell then more of the strawberry comes out when you open a nug.

Nug Structure- Tight nug structure but easy to open up and break down for bong rips. It was super sticky inside so not easy to break down for rolling. Grinder highly recommended.

Taste- The flavor matched the smell on the inhale with the taste transforming more into a thc flavor on the exhale. Really smooth smoke and a sweet bubble gum flavor that was very potent. It had that sweet fruity taste that I love and wont forget.

Medicinal Uses- Anxiety, stress, appetite and awareness.

Donation- $20 gram, $50 eighth.

Negatives- Very addicting strain and wish it would have lasted longer. They were asking for high donation prices. Some patients say that it smells like they infuse the bubble gum flavor but I doubt it. I donated $20 for a gram at Cannabliss in Perris, CA. Prop215 CA SB 420

Summary- I was fortunate to meet the B.H.C family at AbraCaDabs 2015 and picked up some Bubble Yum to take home and review. I shared this stain with local patients and received unbelievable reviews and remarks. Everything they said was positive. The effects were great creating a social, giggly, relaxed feeling high. It has a an amazing hybrid high without getting the couchlock effect and still able to get things done. Check out Bee Hive Concentrates for links to shops that carry their products. They have amazing flowers and concentrates to try out. Stay iRie.

iRiE n8