Boro-Silicone 5-Piece Hybrid Bong and Bag by AQUAworks Review


Published: 08/26/2017

by Ryker Hodge-Attili


Silicone AND Glass? Surely, that defeats the point, doesn’t it? Well, hold your horses, because while this peculiar frankenpipe might look strange at first glance, it’s easily the most ingenious water pipe of 2017 The “Boro-Silicone” 5-Piece Hybrid Bong, produced by AQUAworks, is a breath of fresh air for the casual smoker - or, as the case may be, a breath of fresh smoke. Not your usual silicone bong, the Boro-Silicone implements a glass dome perc chamber that sockets into the silicone base and mouthpiece, which are built so that even if the pipe tips over, the glass remains safe and sound, cushioned by its surrounding silicone. This is a brilliant improvement on the first silicone bong designs, marrying the superior percolation potential and material integrity of borosilicate glass with the unbreakable resilience and flexibility of BPA-free silicone. If that wasn’t convenient enough, it even comes with an AQUAworks branded carrying tote for easy transport!

This multi-material bong is your standard bowl and downstem deal, but unlike some silicone bongs, the downstem is glass, for the same reason that the perc is. It’s just plain better percing. It stands on a stable 4.5” wide base that almost seems to “spring” the pipe back upright if it gets tipped over slightly. But what if your clutzy friend barrels right over it, knocking it off your coffee table onto the hard, unforgiving floor, that ancient nemesis of bongs everywhere? This pipe’s got the ultimate defense built right into it: the wide base couples with the flared mouthpiece to completely prevent the glass perc from touching the ground. Whoever designed this pipe deserves a raise. On top of that, because the glass and silicone easily socket off each other, you cleaning it is a breeze. There’s nowhere for dirty bong water to get stuck and foul up the place!

But how does it smoke?

Of course all this innovation is for naught if it doesn’t smoke great, too. Fortunately, there’s not a lot of ways you can mess up a standard downstem/dome config, and this pipe handily steers clear of all of them.The perc is great quality, and works with either barely enough water to cover the slits, or nearly filled, so you can choose how much filtration you want for your smoke. The glass perc section also has an ice pinch incorporated into the part that attaches to the mouthpiece, so you can even slap some chill on top for a cool, refreshing hit when the weather heats up. All in all this is a great pipe for a well rounded sesh, but its pure convenience makes it a favorite for sure.

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