Blueberry Headband


Published: 07/15/2016

by JakeC


Blueberry Headband Nugs

Blueberry Headband, from Mile High Green Cross

Genetics: Blueberry X Headband

Appearance: A bit leafy from a rushed trim it seemed, but the nugs were still plentiful and bursting with white kief. It’s also medium green with some dark patches throughout.

Appearance under 100x microscope: Very kiefy, with a dusting that ranged from dark gray to yellow. Very pretty underneath the microscope.

Aroma: Candy-like with a hint of blueberry.  Also a mild, spicy pepper aroma.

Taste on inhalation: Very sweet and smooth. Had a flavor that reminded me of a lollipop.

Taste of exhalation: The real flavor came through with an almost blue raspberry taste that was cut by a mild earthiness.

Effects: A vibrant but relaxing high immediately hit me after a few hits. It was hard to pin down eactly where the high originated from because it hit me all over.

Medical Effects: The high is perfectly balanced into a 50/50 hybrid that blends sativa and indica qualities into a relaxing, yet cerebral smoke. A great strain to use if you need medicine for all occasions. A fantastic choice for quick relief.

Duration: Easy, rollicking high the drops off quickly after 3-4 hours. Hits you rapidly after the first two tokes.

Overall: An ideal hybrid that leans into the sativa effects while keeping you firmly planted in a stoney, worry-crushing indica. Mile High Green Cross hasn’t had this strain for a little while because it requires a lot of attention, but it’s always a top seller when it’s in stock. One of the more spectacular hybrids I’ve found while shopping there.