Blue Rhino Strain Review


Published: 10/14/2014

by CoryM


Blue Rhino Strain

Strain: Blue Rhino

Genetics: Blueberry x White Rhino, THC typically 15 - 20% and CBD 1 - 2%, Indica dominant hybrid.

Color: Dark green with a hint of purple and orange.

Smell: The moment you open your bag or jar the very pungent smell hits you. A delicious sweet aroma with a nice fruity smell is sure to make you smile.

Texture: Very sticky. The bud breaks apart easily and is also very fluffy.

Taste: Powerfully sweet. It starts off with a strong woody taste but once you exhale you taste the fruity blueberry. It's mild and smooth and is sure to keep your taste buds going.

Effects: Starts off very mild. As the minutes pass you feel it's start to intensify and you feel your body become relaxed. There was slight anxiety at first but once you mellow out that goes away. You feel slightly heavy but relaxed.

Duration: 5 hours

Medical Benefits: This is a wonderful medication. Pain seems to slowly fade out for for a few hours and it's great for a night time smoke. A lot of patients have problems with sleeping as well. This definitely helps tremendously with the sedation it beings on.Back pain and neck pain seemto be the two it really has an effect on. I felt very creative and happy. It's sure to brighten your day and help you sleep.