Published: 09/29/2011

by Dank Aaron



Bayer,Tylenol, and Excedrin are just a few of the names we hear associated with daily pain relief. Yet, since 1942, cannabis has clearly vanished from the books of medicine.  Though various research shows proof of cannabis having medical value,there is an ongoing struggle to get this info to the masses.  Despite the lack of mainstream coverage, various positive results continue to show that the cannabis plant not only contains analgesic but also anti inflammatory properties.   These reasons alone, give much hope to the medical marijuana movement and show that there may be a bit more than just speculation.


One of the most fascinating things about the studies of pain relief and cannabis is the many different strains of the plant.  The strains vary in effectiveness,psychoactive, and non psychoactive properties.  It has also been noted that cannabis helps the patient benefit by giving them a chance to decrease their intake of prescribed opiates.  Patients also experience less side effects.  Numerous studies show the connection between cannabis not only providing relief but also preventing arthritis' progression.


The combined effects of T.H.C.(tetrahydrocannabinol) along with the C.B.D.(cannabidiols) make a powerful impact on arthritis patients.  Leaving the patient with an overall body and mental satisfaction.


Below I have listed a few strains that have been noted to be some of the most effective for pain relief and ailment in arthritis.  Some are sativa and indica mixes but most are mainly high indicas. 


* G.D.P.(Grand Daddy Purple)
* O.G. Kush
* Pure Kush
* Blue Dream
* Blueberry
* Sour Diesel
* Herijuana
* Mazar
* Jack Herer
* Northern Lights

In conclusion, this article was written to contribute to the peaceful progress of the cannabis movement and forward direction of  Whether this is your first time hearing of this stuff or 21st, I thank you for acknowledging this topic.  Everyday a new study,new article, and new research takes us closer to the truth and farther from the lies.  Lets take these moments to inspire ourselves to continue learning and seeking the numerous ways of natural ailment and freedom of knowledge.

By Dank Aaron