Ascent by DaVinci


Published: 05/13/2015

by Ajay P


Ascent by DaVinci

Ascent by DaVinci

Retail: 249

This is most definitely the best dry herb vaporizer that I have ever had the pleasure to use.

In today’s growing world of vaporizers, there are so many choices that people often are dumbfounded and don’t know what to choose. I have been medicating for 24 years and was at first hesitant to start vaporizing after smoking for about 20 years. Now I almost exclusively vaporize my herb rather than smoke it. This is by far the best vaporizer that I have had the pleasure to use in the past for years. This vape is versatile, customizable, and smooth as hell and doesn’t impede on the taste and quality of the bud or oil that you are using.

The customizability of this vape is the first thing that sets this vape apart from the competition. The most prominent feature of the vape is the LED display. The display shows you the temperature at which you are vaporizing (38 to 430 °F). The problem with most one temperature vapes such as the Pax, is that the temperature cannot change depending on the stickiness of you MJ. Also the front plate can be changed depending on your personal preference.

The Ascent is also versatile in that it can vaporize both herbs and oils in the same chamber. This allows you to not have to keep track of accessories and makes the vaping experience easier. It also has the longest battery life of any handheld vape that I have used in the past. The ridiculously small design and the manageable weight. The build quality of the vape is also the most durable of the ones that I have encountered thus far, especially for having glass stems.

The inhalation experience of this vape is rivaled only by the volcano vaporizers and you can’t even take those anywhere. This portable vape features an all glass pathway for the vapors which doesn’t impede upon the taste and quality of the selected bud. The adjustable temperatures can also be changed to fit the quality and stickiness of your bud as said previously. My personal favorite strain, Maui Waui, tastes even better when vaporized rather than combusted.

The only draw backs to this vaporizer are that it can’t stand up and that it requires a few dry burns before it reveals its capability for pure and unmatched taste quality.  The price seems too expensive for a vaporizer but as it seems so far it is 100 % worth the price if you have the money. For example, I would really love to get one for my wife, but I just don’t have the money right now.

Taking into account the quality of the product, the taste factor, the versatility, and the customizability I can honestly say that this is the best vaporizer on the market.

By the way, this is my first article and would love to hear feedback on how I did.

Thanks guys

Ajay P.