Aroma OG Kush : Strain Review


Published: 01/10/2012

by Sto Nedagain


Aroma OG Kush Nug

Name of Strain: Aroma OG Kush


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis Indica dominant hybrid. Strong Relative of Original OG Kush cut. The strains that were bred to create Aroma OG are a breeder kept secret. My two best guesses would have to be (Original OG Kush Cut x XXX OG Kush) or (Original OG Kush Cut x Black Diamond OG). Breeders: California. {Lab tested %19.87 THC, %1 CBD}


Appearance: The Calyxes are a deeper earth green, but the nugs surface is so covered in trichomes that it looks lime green or even white. There are practically no leaves or hairs that are visible on the nugs surface, due to a perfect manicure. The Density of Aroma OG is a little less dense than a rock to the point of needing to be ground or broken up before smoked. These particular Aroma OG nug’s was grown, dried and cured to perfection; this is how all medicinal marijuana should be grown.


Appearance under 100x microscope: The Trichomes are cloudy to opaque with very little “Bronzing”, degeneration of the capitate stalked heads; those are the trichomes that produce the highest amount of THC, their found on the calyxes and small leaves. Some of the trichomes heads are missing due to rough handling during harvest/manicure break the nug open and it’s a different story. Completely covered with opaque trichomes, it looks like a forest of straight stalked trichomes with fat, swollen to the max, bulbous heads.


Aroma: Deep piney, funky skunky, candied lemon goodness, the aroma is so strong you can pick it up with your taste buds, hence the name Aroma OG Kush.


Taste on Inhalation: Extremely pungent with deep tones of sweet pine tree needles, with undertones of lemonhead candy and caramel.


Taste on Exhalation: Deep notes of lemon candy followed by a pine tar like taste that lingers on your taste buds for a good five minutes after the exhalation. The bowl burnt down very even, and slow with a cool burning smoke, reassuring a perfect cure. When I could finally finish the bowl, the ash burnt down to a picture perfect snowy white, due to an ideal flush and watering with only water 1-2 weeks prior to harvest. Depending on amount of chemicals used to feed plants.


Effects: Extreme mind and body relaxation, very sedative. As you begin to medicate the feelings of warmth and euphoria felt creeping out from the core of your body, spreading equally to mind and down to your feet. Warmth turns into sedation and complete relaxation. My eyes are noticeably heavy and hard to keep open, anxiety and paranoia dissipates with feelings of strong euphoria, full body relaxation to the point of a comfortably numb like feeling in my arms and legs.

Duration: 3-5 hours (Depending on amount used to medicate, and that particular patients tolerance level, with up to a gram used for full medicinal effects).


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Medicinal Traits: Aroma OG Kush is ideal for patience who’s suffering from strong chronic or spinal break-trough pain. Great for patients, who suffer from anxiety and or panic attacks, migraines, stomach disorders and stomach pain, ocular relief, also works great for patients suffering from insomnia. Medicate with caution! This is very potent medicine, treat it with respect!

Overall: Aroma OG Kush was bred to help patients who suffer from sleeping disorders by creating feeling of calmness and heavy sedation, patients who are suffering from chronic pain, with a pain level of 6 or higher. Aroma OG Kush works as well as a sleeping pill, with patients who suffer from insomnia without the addiction, constipation or dangerous side effects unless the patient has a very high tolerance if that’s the case put some hash or concentrate on top. Aroma OG would be most beneficial if used to medicate with in the evenings due to its strong indica traits and very high levels of THC. Aroma OG was lab tested at %19.87 THC, %1 CBD, the look of the nug’s alone with its overly large trichome covered calyxes added a great “Bag Appeal”. Again this Strain is most beneficial for patients suffering from chronic or break-trough pain. It would be smart to keep an emergency nug of Aroma OG around for times of extreme pain or restlessness. It defiantly lowered my pain level of spinal break-trough pain. Hats off to the breeders of Aroma OG Kush.

Strain review tested and written by: Sto Nedagain.