Anonymousbags Review, Discrete Cannabis Storage


Published: 04/11/2015

by JT


Anonymousbags Review




Product: Assorted Anonymousbags

Hey family,

I would like to take this opportunity  to introduce  you to an amazing storage solution for those who want to keep what's important  to them safe and secure as well as maintain their privacy!

ANONYMOUSBAGS  carries bags in a variety  of styles from a basic soft bag to some higher end molded hard cases (EVA SERIES) to suit whatever  your personal  needs may be as well as 12 different sizes.

These awesome bags come with lots of kool features that all mj users can appreciate.

+ locking mechanism for security

+ durable construction for protection

+ minimal branding for discretion

+ durable foil liner for insulation  (for edibles),

  odor suppression and easy cleaning.

ANONYMOUSBAGS  meet or exceed regulations on secure exit packaging for medical Marijuana dispensaries.

ANONYMOUSBAGS   are also suitable for diabetics as well as any other number of medical conditions that would benefit from secure storage of meds.

Upon receiving my bags it obvious that they are a quality product.  The zipper is very smooth feeling and durable looking as well as the locking mechanisms work fantastic.  I really couldn't  ask for better functionality.

As I received  a variety  of styles  and sizes I was able to find numerous uses for these convenient little bags.

I personally use the EVA SERIES bags for storing my many portable vaporizers. They offer  great protection as well as suppress any of the faint odors my vaporizers may emit.

I have also personally put the odor suppressing liner to the test by loading up a couple bags with some Stanky nugs and was pleasantly  surprised.  Although  I was able to smell the nugs if I put my nose right up to the bag it was no where as pungent as it was in the old plastic bag!

I can also appreciate  the piece of mind parents would have knowing that their meds are safe from consumption by their children.

All said and done  ANONYMOUSBAGS has definitely paid attention to detail and taken its users needs into consideration and has clearly  earned the status of being JT APPROVED!!



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