Afghan Strain Indica


Published: 04/29/2016

by JakeC


Afghan Nugs

Afghan, from Mile High Green Cross

Genetics: N/A

Appearance: Dark fluffy buds that had medium density. The red hairs were short with bright orange tips that were uniquely set against the prominently dark bud material.

Appearance under 100x microscope: Reminded me of a dust bunny with a touch of purple. You could really see the intense resin production up close.

Aroma: A combination of sweet and skunky.

Taste on inhalation: The first hit I took was a strong, milky white pull from a new bowl that tasted quite earthy.

Taste of exhalation: On the backend it was a little sweet and had a surprisingly pleasant pungency. You might need a breath mint after this one! 

Effects: I waited for about ten minutes after the first hit for the high to come on. I was about to take another when I suddenly felt a drop in my stomach that immediately put me into relaxation mode. The buzz quickly dissipated into the rest of my body where it gave me a very soothing buzz. You know it’s a strong indica when the first hit demotivates you from packing up another.

Medical Effects: A highly recommended strain for rest and relaxation. So many crosses use Afghani because of its soothing, powerful effects and this variety certainly met that standard. The high was also very euphoric and giggly so it’s great for a pick-me-up that leaves you in chill mode. 

Duration: 3-6 hours. A creeper high.

Overall: Not often do you find the original Afghan phenotype for sale as a standalone strain so it was nice to find it at my favorite downtown dispensary. With its beautifully formed buds packed with resin this strain could potentially be the best indica they have at Mile High Green Cross.