A Personal Medical Marijuana Success Story - Chronic Kidney Disease


Published: 02/10/2012

by HighNicole


Medical Marijuana Kidney

I am an avid medical marijuana smoker. I do it for both medical and recreational purposes. I recently found out I have CKD, Chronic Kidney Disease. For the last 4 years I have been in and out of numerous doctor offices, ER trips and Specialist meetings. They diagnosed and “treated” me with at least 2 other major health problems before finally finding out the right one.


The medication I was “treated” with included countless prescription pills. After discovering I was misdiagnosed, all I could think about is--- What the hell was I putting in my body?!?! I never felt any better, which is why I kept going back. I was prescribed 3-4 heavy addicting pain narcotics to rid my pain. I ended up dropping out of college because I couldn’t even be awake for one whole class!  The pills also made me lose a job because I couldn't focus.  The hardest part was that it made me lose myself.


I became a medical marijuana patient in California a year after I began the prescription pills.  When I went to my first dispensary and explained the symptoms of pain that I was having, I was greeted with multiple options. Not just one pill that will make it all go away, but options of relief that I could find to fit into my lifestyle.  There were so many options available that there were plentiful ways to choose from.


For the first time since my diagnosis, I felt relief. I felt normal again.


Marijuana is the first medicine that has helped my symptoms.


3 years later and the right diagnosis, I feel better than I ever could of imagined and I owe it all to medical marijuana. Especially now, knowing my kidneys are weaker, prescription pills are out of the question.


I am so glad that there is still a healthier option out there...marijuana truly does work wonders for your body and mind.