420 Kush Medical Marijuana Strain Review


Published: 05/03/2013

by Sto Nedagain


420 Kush Strain Review

Strain Name: 4:20 Kush


Genetics/Lineage: Cannabis Indica-Dominant Hybrid (XXX OG x Black Diamond Kush)Breeder: Unknown, So-Cal Natives

Appearance: Overly large bright green calyxes that are covered in a very immense layer of trichomes. The Stigmas, (Hairs), that are visible are sunset orange and the nug’s are extremely dense, to the point of being nearly as hard as a rock with no give when being squeezed, The dry and cure of this spectacular specimen was done nearly perfect, personally I would have liked to see more trichome heads visibly intact, that had been lost during harvest and transport.

Appearance under 100x microscope: The trichomes range from a Cloudy/Clear to opaque with very few amber diminishing capitate stalked bulbous trichome heads. Harvested at peak THC production, leaving most of the THC glands intact, but there was a noticeable loss of capitate stalked trichomes due to a slight rough handling and/or rough transport. Everything else was done nearly perfect. Extremely high trichome count with abnormal sized trichome heads, the stigmas, (Hairs), themselves are consistently covered with bulbous headed trichomes.

Aroma: Very pungent almost sour tinge, with a lemon pledge and lemonhead candy with hints and deep undertones of earthy sage.

Taste on Inhalation: Lemon-Head candy with noticeable pine needle oil undertones, much like the aroma.

Taste on Exhalation: Lemon and sage with undertones of coffee with a lemon cleaner like aftertaste

Color of Ash: Once the bowl was finished it burnt down to an off white color ash, I’m guessing this particular batch of 4:20 Kush was grown in soil with semi organic ingredients. 

Effects: I would call this strain an Organic “Creeper”, meaning the peak results aren't felt until 30 to 45 minutes later, mostly this effect happens when the strain has a THC% over 27%. The effects start by feelings of tingling euphoria moving up and down your spinal chord to the back of your brain. You feel your muscles, Neck and shoulders start to relax, strong cerebral effects with equal of a body numbing effect sets in. Anxiety is greatly reduced, strong feeling of euphoria and IRIE happiness feels the air each time you take an inhalation, and this strain works wonders as an anti-depressant and as an anti-anxiety. Smooth feelings of sedation start to pick up, leaving you “CouchLocked” if overindulged. The Amount I used for full medical effects was 1.2 grams; keep in mind, I have tolerance of an elephant.

Duration: 3-5 hours + with sedation felt afterwards, (Very Potent)! (Duration based on self-medicating/testing with up to 3 grams used for full medicinal effects. Effects may very due to each patient’s tolerance level).

Medical uses: Raises MOTAvation level while causing mild feelings of energy, with heightening feelings of euphoria and well-being, elevates mood to a positive state, works better than an anti-depressant for depression, possible ocular relief. 420 Kush will also aid patients suffering from minor chronic pain, also aids nausea, and may help patients with ADD/ADHD and patients with minor cases of panic attacks and anxiety, as well as patients suffering from insomnia. May help patients with AIDS/HIV due to its potency and its slight all around medicinal effects.

Overall: 420 Kush would aid patients most suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, mood swings, patients with minor chronic pain, as well as the patient looking for a little positive pick me up, in the form of a green herb called hemp, or AKA Marijuana, (HEMP HISTORY 420, Cannabis was called Hemp or Cannabis until William Randolph Hurst named it Marijuana, and stated it was brought in and smoked by only Mexicans who called it Marijuana; TOTAL LIE! The name Marijuana was meant to scare or shun it away from citizens who might try the natural herb, that we should all PARTAKE IN THE HERB.) Back to the review! 420 Kush has a great” Bag Appeal” due to its amazing trichome development and aroma, which easily permeates a plastic Ziploc bag or 3. The taste alone on this Gall would make me want to purchase some for taste alone. If its pain relief you’re looking for, you may want to look a little further, unless your tolerance level is low or normal.



*Strain Reviewed, purchased by donation, with proper, up to date state card and doctor’s recommendation. Written for Nugs.com with up-most care and love by Sto Nedagain of Sto Nedagain Ind. and freelance writer etc. for Nugs.com